Picu-picu’s Fabrics

All the fabrics that I choose are selected for a reason. There has to be a feeling, I pay attention to whether they appeal to me or not, sometimes they are hidden and I have to rummage through other rolls to find them.
But once I do and hold them in my hands, I think about how much I will like to work with them and give them shape. We are going to spend a long time together, and the journey is there to enjoy.

A distinction of the brand is that all the designs are matched with a finishing touch in jute, which makes the yogabags more comfortable.


The fabric of the basic yogabags keep changing, regardless of the collections that I create. They have not got any type of pattern; they are also high-quality, and above all, they are patiently handmade.



It does not have any detail, but thanks to the
shade of blue, and the softness of the fabric,
I quickly made a decision about it. I love blue;
to me it represents water, the sea, the ocean, the flow.

Pure White


From the beggining, I knew that white
would clearly be present in this collection,
due to all that this colour symbolises,
and how much it is connected to yoga.

Sweet Green


I named it Sweet Green because it is not a common green;
it has a coral touch, and I fell in love with it.

It is an ideal fabric for those who do not like catching
other people’s attention with patterns, but still want a little bit of colour.


This is the first collection. It does not follow a specific concept. And because it is the first one, it has helped me to give shape to the ones that follow. It involves a variety of fabrics, all of them with some kind of pattern. It is created for all types of people, with different tastes, from the most abstract to classic flowers.

It all starts here.



I like abstract shapes. Full stop.
They let your imagination fly away, and make
something out of nothing. Or they simply represent
an emotion, or nothing at all.



The Milky Way. I am fascinated by outer space
and the mystery that it holds. I thought that the
detail of this fabric and some silver
brush strokes were very original.

Garden Flowers


I always liked floral patterns. This one in particular
seems like a fabric that could be used to
upholster a chair, as it is thick and
with a large pattern.

Geometric Dark


From the most Rococó to the most simple shapes.
It was in the corner of the store and it was
love at first sight. I was captivated by the triangles,
embroidered with different coloured thread.

Geometric Light


I will not lie to you, this is exactly the same
pattern as GEOMETRIC DARK, but I thought
it would be good to have the same
pattern in a  lighter shade.



Flowers that remind you of spring. Although personally,
it takes me back to gardens with mazes, where you
can take long strolls, thinking or talking, and suddenly
you come upon a wonderful fountain.


This collection is called Ahimsa, as this is one of the purest values in yoga.

The non-violence is the greatest strength that humanity has.

Ahimsa means not only lack of physical violence, but also not emotionally harming any living thing. Through this practice we reach inner peace, we do not feel hatred or resentment, not even towards our enemies, as they do not even exist. So we will put this into practice…what do you think?

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  • Picu-Picu Yoga Bags

    Picu-Picu is the name that brings together all the products inspired by the world of yoga. Everything you will find in this little universe is exclusively designed by Picu-Picu.
    Picu-Picu is not a commercial brand, it is more of a lifestyle, promoting slowlife, yoga and handcrafting. I hope you enjoy the journey.