Limited edition

The yoga bags are limited editions, as this gives an added value to the creations. Not only because very few people will have the same bag as yours,but also because to me, as the one who chooses, cuts and sews the fabrics, it is much more enriching varying them. There is nothing more boring than doing always the same thing. In my opinion, there must be diversity, the flow of energy. I believe that you either put your heart into what you do, or things do not turn out well.

Slowlife to live better

Slowlife to live better. It has become my motto. Everything moves forward in giant’s steps…so much so that sometimes we do not have time to take it all in. We do not find a moment to stop. We should stop, breathe, observe the world around us, but above all, ourselves. Stay connected to the Earth, be conscious and free to decide what is good and what it is not, for ourselves and for those we love.


Yoga is more than just a practice, it is a philosophy of life for many. Picu-Picu is invested in this idea creating products focused on those who practise yoga.


Social  and environmental commitment is at the heart of the creation process of our products. All the materials have been bought in local stores to promote the development of the area, which is so important nowadays. We also contribute to the environment, by reducing our energy consumption and limiting transport.


In Picu-Picu we believe that handmade work stimulates creativity and makes people happier. The satisfaction of seeing a new product finished by hand instead of by a machine, is priceless. In addition, handmade Picu-Picu products are filled with good vibes as there is so much excitement behind this project…

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  • Picu-Picu Yoga Bags

    Picu-Picu is the name that brings together all the products inspired by the world of yoga. Everything you will find in this little universe is exclusively designed by Picu-Picu.
    Picu-Picu is not a commercial brand, it is more of a lifestyle, promoting slowlife, yoga and handcrafting. I hope you enjoy the journey.