What is Picu-Picu?

Picu-Picu were the first words that my son started to pronounce, after Dad and Mum, of course. So there could not be a better name for my brand, as it symbolises who I love the most.

I live in Granollers, a town near Barcelona. My name is Silvia, I am 31, nearly 32, and did a Graphic Design Degree in BAU (Design College of  Barcelona  ). I was working as a designer in a company for many years, but I was always missing some more creativity . So I bought a sewing machine and I began to sew in my free time at home.

In the beginning, Picu-Picu used to create accessories for babies, with rattles as the star product.

Some years ago, I started practising yoga and acroyoga. Thanks to it, I felt much better, my body was more flexible and more lively.

That’s why now I do not imagine my life without these activities, as they have become my medicine.

Picu-Picu’s transformation came when I also changed. I modified and polished some things in my life. I decided I would try to make a living from something that I felt passionate about, in line with my personality.

I hope you like what I do and, most importantly, that you enjoy it.

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  • Picu-Picu Yoga Bags

    Picu-Picu is the name that brings together all the products inspired by the world of yoga. Everything you will find in this little universe is exclusively designed by Picu-Picu.
    Picu-Picu is not a commercial brand, it is more of a lifestyle, promoting slowlife, yoga and handcrafting. I hope you enjoy the journey.